Hi, I'm Roger

I am an experienced software engineer with a strong background in iOS development. Starting my coding journey at the age of 13, I have become proficient in various technologies and have made significant contributions to open-source projects like Cocoapods, Homebrew, Emacs, and the Swift programming language.

In addition to my iOS expertise, I have expanded my skill set to encompass backend API development, database design, frontend web development, and Android app development. I am well-versed in working with popular infrastructure platforms such as AWS, Heroku, and Digital Ocean.

I have collaborated with top-tier teams from industry leaders like Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Spotify, and Instagram. This exposure has sharpened my ability to build robust architectures and maintain clean and scalable code structures.

I have also been involved in several startup ventures, taking ideas from inception to minimum viable products (MVPs). This experience has honed my skills in delivering solutions efficiently and effectively.

Doing for living:
Outside Work:

I love sports, running, basketball, boxing, billiards,
I'm a hobbyist magician, I go fishing or riding a bike

Startup involvement history:
MyCape, Phrase, GitStart, Designa Studio, Carbid360, Turing, Nrby Inc, Lattis

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