Hi, I'm Roger

Started programming at high school with C, always looking for new and interesting challenges. I started iOS development with Objective-C in 2010, published 4 applications on the app store, to check my old blog.

In 2012 from the province Aklan I moved to the central business district Makati City to continue exploring, growing, and learning things.

In my first employment, I become a game developer and I value it the most, it enable me to grow in many different fields from writing an algorithm, equation, low-level programming and to solving complex problems, problems that most mobile developers will never be exposed to, that's my biggest advantage. I worked with Klab Cyscorpions Inc. - Japanese, Game development company, and GreatFeat Inc. - Chinese, Casino Gaming company.

In 2017 I started to work as an iOS independent contractor for startup companies outside the Philippines, it enable me to grow, learn from people coming from industry leaders like Microsoft, Spotify, Instagram, etc. Joining the startup makes me feel like I have a seat in the organization and has a big contribution.

Startups that I worked as an iOS independent contractor,
MyCape, Phrase, GitStart, Designa Studio, Carbid360, Turing, Nrby Inc, Lattis
Tech Stack:
Working with me: