Hi, I'm Roger

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Started programming at high school with BASIC and C, always looking for new and interesting challenges. I started iOS development with Objective-C in 2010, published 4 applications on the app store check my old blog.

In 2012 from the province Aklan I moved to central business district Makati City to continue exploring, growing and learning things.

I've worked with the following company:

My first employment i become a game developer and I really value the most, its enable me to grow in many different fields from writing an algorithm, equation, low-level programming and to solve complex problems, problems that most mobile developers will never be exposed to, thats my biggest advantage.

My focus:

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I mainly work with Swift, Objective C, C++ and Python.

I used Xcode, VS Code and Emacs.

I’ve created a development tools that saved my team months of work.

Dont forget to check my open-source contributions.

Contact me and learn more about what I do.

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